Creative Entrepreneurship Workshop, April 17th- Chicago

Creative Entrepreneurship Workshop
Hosted by Minogi and iFoundry Student Leaders from The University of Illinois

Saturday, April 17th
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
924 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
RSVP at Minogi.com/Chicago

In Chicago, on April 17th, Minogi and iFoundry from the University of Illinois’ engineering school will co-produce an event for Creatively Entrepreneurial students from Northwestern, IIT, DePaul, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, Chicago campus, Knox College, and other area schools. The U of Chicago is hosting the event.The event will be a chance for engineering and liberal arts students to explore creative concepts and discuss entrepreneurial topics together, and to learn from each other, generating valuable social capital.The event from 1 pm to 5 pm, and is free.

Minogi’s purpose is to mentor entrepreneurs. They host two creative entrepreneurship conferences- one in Hollywood and one in Research Triangle Park.

In a globalizing and challenging economy, the next generation of creative entrepreneurs will be reinventing the business world. Join featured speakers at the Creative Entrepreneurship Workshop who will guide you through the creative processes of founding your startup, avoiding startup pitfalls, and connecting with creative entrepreneurs in the midwest and beyond.

* Laura Hollis of the University of Illinois
* Carl Nordgren of Minogi
* Zach Kaplan of Inventables
* Phil Tadros of Doejo
* Loran Nordgren of Kellogg
* James Interlandi of Virtual General Counsel
* Michael Bell of Fronterion
* Nate Kontny of Inkling Markets
* Vishu Ramanathan of ThinkLink
* Jonathan Naber of the Illini Prosthetics Team
* Darren Marshall of Doejo
* Jason Tillery of ThinkLink
* Matt Gornick of OrangeQC
* Ken Taylor of Yahoo
* David Weinstein of the Illinois Innovation Accelerator Fund
* Michael Callahan of Ambient

According to Islam Sharabash, an engineering student attending University of Illinois who is helping to coordinate the workshop “Our agenda is meant to engage students by facilitating small discussion groups. We’re having two breakout sessions, with multiple groups per session and high profile entrepreneurs in each group. We are also having a business challenge and an entrepreneurship in phases panel, which will include students starting their first business to entrepreneurs with a half-dozen businesses under their belt to entrepreneurs like Carl (Nordgren of Minogi), who are now mentoring and teaching about enterpreneurship.”

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