How much energy do you want in life?

Every day of our lives we pour our energy into ideas, people and activities. Daily these choices require investments of both our time and money- both symbols of energy.

Whatever daily energy you spend, is it enough? Do you wish you had more time to create your art? More money to help change the world?

While no one can produce more time- we all have only so much of it left- we can produce more money- increasing our life power source and its capacity to illuminate the important things in our life. And ironically, if we can learn how to produce more money in less time, we can also find ourselves having more time to spend doing those things that most matter to us.

Look- WHATEVER it is you dream about- what you need to do is increase the time you have available and generate more money to allow you to achieve “it” more vibrantly.

Welcome to why I hope you will join us for one of our summer workshops or apply to our 2 year program to attend  The IAE. We want our students to be artists first and forever. But we want each and every one of you to learn how to use your imaginations in new ways to learn new techniques and tools to lead you into a life that offers you more time and more money to become the brightest energy source you want to be.

I think a lot of artists think of money as something that they either have or do not. Got imagination? Come join us and we will help you grow your energy source so you can decide where to shine your bright light.

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