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  • C. Nichols

    I think the logo should first be colorful. Next it should be unique, recognizable and creative. The first logo selection was all that!

  • Ann Lang

    I wasn’t able to check #s 9 and 10. There were only choices 1-6 in the selection box. However I did like the 9 and 10 as well as #4.

  • The first submission is really impactful, clean and unique. Many of the others seem very generic and don’t reflect the entrepreneurial spirit. You might want to look at some other color options for this first logo before solidifying your choice. It tends to convey a feeling of fall. Just my two cents!

  • john

    I like the first one.

  • I chose 11 because it is clean, cohesive and easily reproduced in black and white (the swash would show as a halftone).

    I also liked #8, but the colors would be problematic if printed in black and white (a common consideration for logos, although less of an issue these days).

  • I liked many of them, but found the reversal of the initials confusing… although I understand the reasoning behind it, it should still read “IAE” – I felt most comfortable with #10, but still feel there can be some changes that would make it more appealing. I’m not sold on the colors; the text – should possibly be all the same size/font; I feel that “IAE” should be put in there or emphasize those letters in the full length name. Just my opinion. R

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  • Susan

    Some thoughts,number 4 is strong, but wasn’t sure IAE has enough recognition to use stand alone letters. As with all design presentations, how about combining the logo from #4 with the verbage from #9? That comination would give you a strong logo that could go the distance. Another thought, blue seems like too safe a choice, so how about a more royal color like deep purple?

  • #1 is very clever, and makes me look at it longest, to figure it out (like art). And what I find in it is people, connected, and intertwined with the actual acronym of IAE.
    Considering that printing requires more cost for more colors, you may do well to adapt the colors to black and one color… maybe a more vibrant color that is consistent with other branding you are developing for the institute, though I do like how the current colors represent various skin tones and reflect diversity.

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  • 1, 7 and 10- nice work!

  • I like #1 and #8

  • Bobbie Soeder

    I must say #1,….’Going with mt first impression for impact; people, learning, creativity, rich diversity message in these colors. Congratulations to all the artists! It wasn’t easy choosing.

  • Carmella

    I like #1 the best because it emphasizes people. I love the color scheme and balance. Of all pictured, it looks most like a logo.

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  • I like #1 the best – it grabs your attention, creates an interest & invites you to look into the organization. Looks the most professional too, in my opinion.

  • R Rosselli

    My first choice is #1 because of the strength of its colors and symbolism. It engages both the eyes and the mind, and I think it works on many levels. My second choice is #10 which, like the first one, has an interpretive aspect that makes you think beyond the design.

  • Kathe

    I like #1. I also like 8, 9 and 10, although I’d change the font and/or the sizing on #10.

    Great options to chose from!

  • Nigel

    Like the unique type styles created for numbers 1 and 11. Good contrast in #1. Wording at bottom of #11 could be more heavily weighted to avoid top-heavy appearance.

  • EBG87

    #5 is colorful, very readable and quite trendy — no gimmicks, just the straightforward details in a well-presented fashion.

  • Carole Dowling


  • TATOUR10

    #5 I feel is the most attention getting design.

  • Carol V.

    I vote for #5. It is simple, colorful and to the point.

  • MSG

    I liked #1. It grabs your attention and is very unique.

  • Ed Mund

    I like #5 — simple, “clean”, straightforward and easy to read.

  • EBG 1009

    I like #5 because it has the characteristics for being a successful entrepreneur — keep thigs simple, concise and to the point!

  • Boby

    My vote goes to #1

    Three captured my attention, #1, 5 and 10!

    All three are clean and artistic, 10 lost to it’s simpleness – between 1 and 5 it was just a case of the first being more visualy apealing. Or to say it simply – I like it more!

  • Karen Kring

    I think #5 has merit, but he geographic shapes mirror marks I’ve been for early learning centers (pre-schools). I think something called an institute needs to be a mark and type treatment that communicates grounded. I thought #1 does that and can be reproduced in print and online best. There is nothing superfluous about #1. Bobbie is right. It implies community and diversity nicely.

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  • Sue

    #5 Simple geometric and caught my eye.

  • Jo Anne

    #1 Definitely !

  • Richard Walters

    #1 looks both artistic and professional….. making it a good representation for a school helping people combine artistry and business. #11 seems both whimsical and solid….. another interesting combination. I’ll go with #1, but I want to congratulate all the finalists on their thought-provoking designs.

  • cioci

    I was instantly attracted to #5. Clean and sharp.

  • r paulson


  • Art Cazelle

    I understand the competition ended June1. When will you be posting the outcome?

  • On June 5th on the IAE website!!!

  • Ed Michigan

    I feel that #1 is too “cute” and not at all a depiction of how an entrepreneur operates (or needs to operate) — things are not orderly nor do they fall into place in a symmetrical fashion. I like #5 because it is simple, clear and concise; and, it depicts more of the challenges faced by an entrepreneur — taking and array of parts and making them fit as best as possible and not necessarily perfect.


    My vote is for #1. It looks like someone put some thought and effort into it.

    Reading all of the responses has been quite interesting. Almost every reference to #5 says – SIMPLE – STRAITFORWARD – TO THE POINT. Very bland. Someone thinks they know how an entrepreneur should operate. And “Trendy” means when the trend is over so is your logo.

    Good luck to all!

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