Celebrating Student Arts Entrepreneurs

I had an opportunity to host an amazing celebration last week. The celebration was in honor of the twelve student teams that received seed grant funding from the p.a.v.e. program in arts entrepreneurship this year. It’s a diverse group: grad students and undergrads, for profit and nonprofit, technology-focused and human-centered (often at the same time), led by students across all of the fine and performing arts disciplines. Part of what made last week’s celebration so amazing is the networking that went on between the students. To nudge the networking forward, I employed an old icebreaker game. Each project team randomly picked a card with another team’s logo on it, had to seek out that team, and learn enough about them to present the other team’s project and project progress to the assembled guests. Much lively discussion ensued!
Here’s a rundown of the projects:
WORLD IS STAGE is a multimedia content distribution network focused on connecting local performance artists, businesses, and community audiences through geographically specific media being developed by Dan Roth and Brandon Mechtley, graduate students in the joint Theatre/AME program in Interdisciplinary Media and PhD Computer Science programs.

THE SOMEWHAT THRILLING TALES OF THE MONOCLE is a steampunk-inspired animated web comic under development by a large interdisciplinary group of Herberger Institute freshman led by film major Brad Decker.

SHONTO ARTISTS PROJECT is a pilot for a facility for community artists working on the Navajo Reservation being developed by music graduate student Joshua Hill.

THE GLOBAL CABARET is a multi-location live variety show that builds community through an artistic emphasis on regional music, performance and stories from School of Theatre and Film and AME students Sara Schwabe and Dustin Chaffin

CLOPET THEATRE is dedicated to producing new and devised plays with and for the underserved 13-19 year-old demographic; the youth serve as directors, designers, technicians, and playwrights as well as performers. M. Yichao Wang is the team leader.

THE IMPROVIDERS ASSOCIATION, developed by Ned Simonson, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing improvisational theatre workshops that will develop communication and coping skills of caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases.

DANCERS AND HEALTH TOGETHER. Originally conceived as an awards presentation to raise money for health-related research, Mary Lane Porter has evolved this project into a community-based workshops focusing on dance as a means to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

SCRATCH THEORY is Chris Gallego brainchild for an interface between a DJ turntable and western musical notation.

URBAN ARTS CONNECTION is a networking website for student artists

RADIO HEALER is a performance and research enterprise focused on the interaction between technology and indigenous communities

THE DIFFERENT FROM WHAT? FILM FESTIVAL under Lisa Tolentino’s direction brings together films, filmmakers, and audience members exploring the nature of disability on film.

JOIN AND CAST VENTURES is a field guide to the visual arts in Phoenix consisting itself of original artworks by urban artists.

For a more in-depth article about the most recent p.a.v.e. awardees, see

Finally, you’ll see me signing off on this posting an all subsequent postings with a reminder of our second biannual p.a.v.e. symposium on entrepreneurship and the arts April 1-2 2011 in Tempe AZ.

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