And The Winner Is….

We can’t offer enough thanks to all of you who submitted entries for The IAE logo contest, as well as all of you who voted! We had over 5000 views of the logo entries, over 700 votes and about 100 comments through the blog and emails received!  THANK YOU for caring enough to help us make this important choice that will reflect our identity to the world!


The designer who submitted the winning entry, and OUR NEW LOGO, said this about their submission: ” Your website presents the picture of a dynamic, community-oriented organization and I’ve tried to express those attributes in the logo I’ve designed for your institute.”

We could not agree more! We felt, like so many of you, that this particular entry stood out because it was unique, very clever and creative, reflected a diverse collaborative community and most importantly embodied an entrepreneurial spirit!

Thank YOU Ryan Swanson, instructor from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago,  for referring our winning entry to us!

And with out further ado….(drum roll please!) the winner is…

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