David Cutler Speaks Out About Creativity and Life as an Arts Entrepreneur

An interview with David Cutler appeared on Carla McElhaney blog on Saturday June 5th, 2010.

Pianist, Carla McElhaney is an innovative presence in the classical music field. and is highly regarded as a passionate and dynamic performing artist, teacher, and coach.  She is co-founder, pianist, and Executive/Artistic Director for REVEL, an Austin-based “classical band,”  currently serves on the piano faculty at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, and maintains a coaching practice that integrates her interest in the field of personal development, her advocacy for Creatives and their work, and her roles as a performing artist, advisor and mentor.

An Interview with David Cutler

Composer, pianist, educator, arranger, conductor, collaborator, concert producer, author, blogger, consultant, speaker,  advocate and entrepreneur David Cutler talks about shooting for maximum impact in his highly charged, highly creative life.

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