A Reflection of Innovation

Last weekend my husband and I drove to Iowa to attend a wedding. During our drive there we stopped for lunch at a casino. I popped into the restroom and as I was washing my hands all of a sudden, like a ghost, an image appeared in the mirror. The first was a map of the property and then the image changed and simply said “play your cards right”. More ghost like images followed offering other promotional tidbits about the property, food and guest rooms.

How cool to be so surprised by something innovative while I washed my hands. I can’t say I ever thought there could be  anything innovative about a commercial bathroom mirror though either.  I surely had never given it a single thought  that these kinds of mirrors offered more ” capacity” than their intended purpose. And yet, once I saw a new potential for it to be used  in this new way, it but of course then seemed obvious it had been possible all along.  After all I did not need to use that part of the mirror at all to brush my hair or take in my appearance and even if I did, because of its translucent image I could still see myself through it.

And that is the power of innovation- it surprises you. Its clever and new in some way. Maybe even a very small, but impact filled way like the images that sprung to life in the mirror and made my bathroom experience in the casino  the most exciting part about being there.

And last weekend I did play my cards right- by walking into the restroom first and then right out the front door after lunch.

Some of the best innovations are the simplest.

Translucent imagery made using this mirror to market the casino feel like an experience (instead of marketing)Â because of its ghost like quality.

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