Wonderful Musician Pseudonyms (to Avoid)

I’m hard at work on my second book (more on that later), and have a few hypothetical characters to name.  Rather than going with the normal Mary P. and Felipe G., I decided it would be fun to use some pseudonyms that reflected musical terms.  What do you think?  Any favorites?  Names to add to the list?

  1. Claire Annette Case
  2. Al A. Gretto
  3. Bay Sklepf
  4. Al Tosacks
  5. Tim Panny
  6. Barry Tone
  7. Al Tissimo
  8. Amanda Lynn Jamm
  9. Dell Kapo
  10. May Jorskell
  11. Viola Fidler
  12. Aria Singer
  13. Reid Dubbler
  14. Sir Clophifths
  15. Phil Harmonik
  16. Viola da Gamba
  17. Cy LaPhone
  18. Hugh Fonium
  19. A. Pojatura
  20. Mel F. Lewis
  21. Trey Bull
  22. A. Tonal
  23. N. Somble
  24. R. Paige Eyo
  25. Lee Bretto
  26. Moe Dulation
  27. Abe Forforty
  28. O. Peretta
  29. Rocco Koh
  30. Sarah Nade
  31. P. N. O’bench (Irish gentleman)
  32. Bay Soon
  33. Tess Atura
  34. N. Terlood
  35. Mel Tiphonix
  36. Jess Improff
  37.  Hugh Kileyley
  38. Arty Q. Lation
  39. Ann Dante
  40. Ann Dentino
  41. Ann Harmonik (Phil’s brother)
  42. Tess O’Toura
  43. Carol Christmas (Christmas, Carol)
  44. Sue Saphone
  45. Peach Def
  46. P. Kolo
  47. Barry Sacks
  48. Vic Trolla
  49. Whore Monica
  50. Mary M. Bah
  51. Fanny Mendelssohn
  52. Don Bow (from Pittsburgh)
  53. Al Tofloot
  54. C. Realist
  55. A. Lee Atoric
  56. Donna Prima (Prima, Donna)
  57. Minnie Millist
  58. Davey Crotchet
  59. Cass Tenet
  60. Tom Tom (the piper’s son)
  61. Ock R. Eena
  62. Mr. E. Osso
  63. Al Feenay
  64. X. Serpts
  65. Mel Tronome
  66. Axel Rondo
  67. Viv Achay
  68. Pres Tissimo (Al’s brother)
  69. Dijer E. Doo
  70. Mel O. Dee

Hope this collection added some laughter to your day.  Special thanks to crazy man/oddly named Lance LaDuke of Boston Brass for his invaluable contributions.

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