Buddha Boy Knows Why, Do You?

All  last weekend we lit a candle next to our little statue named Buddha Boy in honor of my mother. We bought Buddha Boy at an AMAZING art gallery called Volcano Garden Arts very near Volcano National Park in Kona, Hawaii on our vacation last November.

This joy-filled art gallery was BRIMMING FULL with little spinning rudders and all aglow with life and vibrant creativity. My mother would have been proud.

Their little cafe, Cafe Ono, served scrumptiously HEALTHY fare.  Chuck and I ate lunch there. Their food was amazingly hip in its clean organic healthy simplicity.

The grounds dripped with GREEN vibrancy and the awesomeness of it all couldn’t help but pull on your heart strings; especially when  you heard  their mascot, Earnest the goat,  “baah!” He was a heart felt touch.


I found these pictures this past weekend as we sat around with a house full of  lit candles to honor my mom and her joy and life filled moments. That’s what we hope for most while we are here on earth, isn’t it? Happiness and Joy and TRULY MAGICAL MOMENTS?

Are you doing all you can to protect and develop your creative vision to ensure yours will come, or never go away?

When we come to find both peace AND prosperity with WHY we really are here on this earth and WHO we really are meant to serve  through our music, our paintings, our films, our writing, our creativity– our salvation and freedom to FULLY BE ALIVE and HAPPY is secured.

My mom never found hers. She fought tooth and nail through her life with herself and everyone around her instead because she never could. What a sad way to live with her powerful creative force that was once as vibrant and green and pure and rudder-filled as Volcano Garden Arts.

Our creativity and its highest purpose and best use needs to be discovered. We owe it to ourselves to know WHY we do what we do- what truly is driving us- and WHO we are suppose to deliver our magic and hope filled journey to…

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