Hurry! Hope and Inspiration NOW 1/2 off!

For all of my life- first with my mother, and then by marrying my first husband who was just like my mother (some things are hard to get over until you decide it’s time to), on to the emotionally crazy artists I hired and tried to help in my first business- to many dysfunctional executives who sit high up in arts based organizations who I had to do business with– I have been confronted with the same problem OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN that I remain DETERMINED TO SOLVE.

HOPE AND INSPIRATION CAN’T BE SOLD FOR 1/2 OFF because we, as artists, can’t function at a high enough level to sell them for their full VALUE!

As artists WHAT WE SELL is hope, inspiration, peace and a chance to dream. THAT’S ALL. The painting, the vase, the clarinet, the play, the ballet, the scrumptious dinner– all of those experiences represent for our audience a renewal of who they are, and what they believe and why they SHOULD DARE to DREAM and RISK TO BECOME MORE ALIVE!  If we  are NOT SHINING EXAMPLES and allow EVEN A DROP of  toxicity to enter our life, our artistic value is IMMEDIATELY downgraded to a sale item and eventually discarded with the past-their-sell-date items in the grocery store. As absurd as it sounds, what is hope and inspiration worth if they are now 1/2 off?

What kind of assurance can we give our paying customer as to the authenticity of the hope they are buying if WE OURSELVES ARE NOT LIVING EXAMPLES OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HOPEFUL AND INSPIRED ENOUGH IN OUR OWN LIVES?  We need to be emotionally happy, creatively flowing and financially flourishing to truly shine and be ABLE to make the difference our gifts were meant, on this earth, to make.

Yes, I sadly and with great heartache refused to play in an orchestra and sit next to isms, anger and “affairs”. I did not think that was how to create the beauty and joy I knew hope and inspiration required. I also refused to stay married to a man who was more interested in sabotaging our relationship, or stay close to my adopted pothead brother who has succumb to numbness instead of creating sculptures out of computer parts; which he as a teenager loved once to do.

I guess, despite being an orphan and having literally no family besides my husband and 2 four legged kids, I am happy I have lived to learn from and to rise above these hard experiences; because they continue to shape who I am AS AN ARTIST and WHO I HAVE YET to become.

What about you? Do you have hope and inspiration on sale in your life? Is there something you need to do TO BE the brightest light in the room? Don’t be afraid of standing out in the crowd. Make the difference you seek and that YOU, uniquely, SEE needs to be made. What is it you see that frightens you, disgusts you, makes you cry or burns you up with anger inside? What is it you need to help others do or be or change or create?

This, my friends, is WHAT WE, AS ARTISTS were put on this earth to do…. And guess what? It SELLS AT FULL PRICE!!! NO 1/2 off sale EVER required. Your customers will line right up and pay you well and joyfully for every drop of inspiration you give them. But they only want 100% OF PURE, AUTHENTIC GENUINE YOU. Nothing short will do.

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