Opportunity for Independent Teachers and Music Professors

Are you or someone you know an independent music teacher or professor doing something extraordinary?  I’m working on a couple of projects now that will feature case studies of these kinds of individuals. 

Private Teachers

Looking for independent music teachers with:

  • Good business models
  • Income streams other than private teaching
  • Interesting marketing strategies
  • Independently run classes or camps
  • Media (recording, video, etc) integrated into their teaching
  • Yearly income of $80,000-100,000+

College Professors

Looking for college music professors such as:

  • Applied teachers who integrate innovative strategies that help students develop practical and entrepreneurial skills (in addition to great playing technique)
  • Ensemble directors who employ a model that goes beyond the typical conductor driven format to cultivate creativity and savviness
  • Classroom teachers (i.e. theory or history) who use their interactions as an opportunity to foster working musicians

 If you or someone you know fits these descriptions, please email me at cutler@savvymusician.com. 

 Thank you for your assistance!

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