Do You Need an Economic Lift?


Come to Boost Camp and LET US HELP YOU get the lift you need.   25 students have already enrolled in Boost Camp;  including 8 students who are coming from Norway for a residency at The IAE this fall– The Ensemble Free Theater.  We also have 10 emerging Chicago far south side artists enrolled too.  Our Boost Camp Faculty is nothing but a bunch of seasoned arts entrepreneurs. Enroll now and and learn with, and from, an eclectic interesting ECLECTIC crowd. Let us help you plan the economic boost you need.

Fall 2010
Weekend I:
Friday, Sept 24th, ( 10am to 5pm) Saturday, Sept 25th, ( 10-5) Sunday, Sept 26th ( 12-5)

Weekend II:
Friday, Oct 22nd, ( 10am to 5pm), Saturday, October 23rd, (10-5) Sunday, October 24th (12-5)

Why Do YOU Need To Attend?

If you are passionate about the arts and have an idea for a business, or are already running a business you wish could become more successful, enroll in Boost Camp! We will help you shape and transform your idea into a viable business concept and give you the boost you need to thrive as an arts entrepreneur.

What is the Boost Camp anyway?

Boost Camp is an intensive  2 weekend intensive course designed to   (re)introduce you to the process of starting a business in the arts and/or the creative sector. We will teach you the fundamentals of creative business development and help you to understand the relationship between intelligent planning and ultimate success.

The course is designed for artists and creative professionals who aspire to launch and run a creative business of their own.

What will I learn?

At Boost Camp you will learn from these four essential subject areas:


Determining the Business Potential of a Creative Idea-

In this module, you will learn how to assess the viability of your entrepreneurial idea before committing vast amounts of time and/or money to such a new venture.

Marketing for a Creative Start Up-

In this module, you will discover the unique selling proposition of your creative enterprise. You will learn how to define your target market,  research your competition, perform industry analysis and develop a marketing strategy and communication plan for your unique enterprise.

Management and Operations-

You will learn about the various legal structures available to you and decide which is the most appropriate for your creative enterprise. You will learn how to effectively communicate about your organizations management and operations. You will create a description of key positions within your enterprise, how your enterprise is organized and an organizational flow chart.


In this module, you will learn how to create a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, a start- up budget, and a cash flow statement. You will learn about potential funding sources for your start-up as well as how to communicate financial information to potential funding organizations in a professional way.

Boost Camp is practice-oriented. The knowledge you gain from each module will be applied and transferred to your individual creative enterprise.

What will I experience?

Participants will study and learn under the guidance of seasoned arts entrepreneurs as their  instructors. The intensive training will engage participants through group discussions and practical exercises. Methodical professional guidance and mentoring will be a part of this process. In addition, participants will have opportunity to visit arts enterprises in the city, interact with successful creative entrepreneurs, and “pitch” their ideas to a potential funding source.  Creative thinking, intelligent planning, and interaction with recognized experts are at the core of the entire Boost experience.

Weekend Program Faculty: Faculty members of The IAE teach our weekend programs. Click here to read faculty bio’s.

What will I get at the end of Boost Camp?

Participants will have:

A clear understanding of the specifics of an arts enterprise

The steps involved in the start-up process
A core business plan
Connections with industry professionals and potential funding sources

What do I need to apply?

Applicants should have:

An idea for a new arts-related or creative enterprise

An existing business that needs a boost
Experience in the arts and creative sector
Engagement and enthusiasm for culture and the arts
Motivation to work intensively for the duration of the course

So, one more time- When is Boost Camp?
Fall 2010
Weekend I:
Friday, Sept 24th, ( 10am to 5pm) Saturday, Sept 25th, ( 10-5) Sunday, Sept 26th ( 12-5)

Weekend II:
Friday, Oct 22nd, ( 10am to 5pm), Saturday, October 23rd, (10-5) Sunday, October 24th (12-5)

Flourish Studios 3020 N Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL


$600 tuition includes all study materials and certificate of completion.

WE HAVE TWO 1/2 Scholarships left! We have OVER 25 registered!!

How To Register

1) Online – Please fill out our online application form.

2) By Phone – Call 773-756- 2163 to register by phone.

3) By E-Mail – Send an e-mail with your application form attached to and we will reserve your spot.


While we do not offer housing through our program, please E-mail for information on nearby locations.

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