Top 20 Arts Entrepreneur Blogs

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Top 20 Arts Entrepreneur Blogs

Artist Entrepreneurs

The production of art and the entrepreneurial process are very similar: both involve creativity, savvy, and also know-how. In fact, almost all artists must at some time or another be entrepreneurs if they plan to make a living or any money at all from their art.

If you are hoping to do so and you do not yet have the know-how, check out the following blogs for inspiration and invaluable information.

The Top Five Artist Entrepreneur BlogsThe Rest of the Best

The Top Five Artist Entrepreneur Blogs

  1. Alexandra Hedberg: This artist has been working for six years as such, and she is not afraid to write about the taboo subject of art as business. Her experiences with supporting herself through art are invaluable and her interviews with other artists on the topic are extremely informative.
  2. BAKERY: Bakery is a brilliant blog written collaboratively by Jaime Derringer and Erin Loechner, who together have backgrounds in design, business, entrepreneurship, and new media. Their blog has an incredible amount of invaluable information for the artist entrepreneur, including posts about copyrights and trademarks, and posts about pricing for works of graphic design.
  3. Design*Sponge Biz Ladies: Part of the below mentioned blog Design*Sponge, this particular section is worth noting because it is difficult to come across. Though not as beautiful as its host site, it offers great advice to the artistic business woman (but we see no reason why a man would not benefit from this information as well). There are articles on just about everything including legal topics, design topics, new media topics, and so much more. This is truly one of the most practical websites for an artist entrepreneur.
  4. Entrepreneur the Arts: This blog has a great mix of posts on a wide array of topics, all having to do with entrepreneurship in the arts. The very reliable contributors all have different experiences that make their articles even more interesting.
  5. Modish Biz Tips: “Bright ideas for your creative business” is the tagline of this handy blog, a “sister” to another blog called Modish. Here, any creative entrepreneur will find something helpful as there posts on production, taxes, business plans, interviews, and more.

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The Rest of the Best

  1. Blanket Magazine: This blog, designed as an online magazine, covers emerging artists. Interviews with these artists are especially of interest to the artist entrepreneur.
  2. Copyblogger: Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, knows how to make money as a self-published online writer and that is exactly what he writes about in his blog. The blog is award-winning and is worth your time if you hope to make money from that blog of yours!
  3. Design for Mankind: Erin Loechner is an example of a writer/blogger that now has a real say in the design industry; she discovers great design from the big guys and from the industry underdogs so readers don’t have to. Make sure to check out her links, which go directly to the websites of small art sellers and artists that sell their work online.
  4. Design*Sponge: Besides being visually stunning and surprisingly user-friendly, this blog is a great way to learn about trends in practical art and design. The blog is not only full of eye candy, however, as its success has allowed it to offer scholarships to art and design students.
  5. Drawings, Art, Maps, and other Curiosities: Find out how Abi Daker sells her artwork as graphic design featured in books and advertisements. The blog is easy to navigate and is a great generator of ideas of places to sell artwork.
  6. Earth Angels: Though a blog claiming to be primarily about contemporary folk art, Earth Angels has great posts about artists–especially female artists–who make businesses out of selling their art. Plus, the crafty women writers often share posts about their own business strategies.
  7. Want to learn more about the new music business, about technology as it is used by music producers, and about music news? This is the place!
  8. mrs eliot books: This blog is full of interesting posts by a London artist that designs, makes, and sells books, wooden objects, ornaments, pillows, and more. Her articles are especially interesting for the artist entrepreneur because she writes about–for instance–packaging, inspiration, print-making, and the different outlets she uses to sell her art.
  9. pikaland: Here an architect turned freelance illustrator, Amy Ng, documents her art, inspiration, and entrepreneurial experiences. Be sure to check out her reviews of entrepreneurial books and the very practical questions she asks other artists in her interviews.
  10. ProBlogger: Are you a writer? Are you a musician? Are you an artist? Got a blog? This blog will give you tips on making money at it!
  11. Rap Music Business: This blog covers news stories pertaining to the rap music business. Because it features posts on new production companies, new releases, and indie rap artists, the blog is a great look into the entrepreneurship necessary in the production of rap music.
  12. sister house: This blog is about “adventures in entrepreneurship, art, technology, and information.” To be more specific, the author of sister house does a great job of guiding creative business owners through the complicated world of business technology.
  13. Wisdom of the Hands: Doug Stowe does an amazing job of sharing his experiences as an artist; he has been living of his woodwork for more than thirty years. He is a firm believer in the importance of learning through creation, and his do-it-yourself style posts are evidence of that.
  14. Wooster Collective: The blog of New York City’s Wooster collective, a group that brings attention to otherwise under-appreciated street art, does a stellar job of covering art and artists that are not traditionally accepted into the art world. It is this sort of media attention that makes an entrepreneurial and world-wide industry!
  15. WREN Handmade: If selling handmade work is not creative and entrepreneurial, then we don’t know what is. Check out this site for information on how and where to do so!
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