The Naked Truth

I am reminded right now of a post I wrote awhile ago: All the details of it I have just recently, yet again, spent some time reviewing.

Since August I have been in a funk. I am tense because of having to wait for some of the most important moments of my life to come.

Birthing the IAE has passionately and with purpose required: getting divorced, terminating a relationship with my mother, selling my businesses,  being fearless enough to write a book, and three years of working tirelessly to start learning to navigate a new minefield- the one that would make The IAE a reality.

Three years ago, I thought about opening a small arts incubator. That was my very first thought. If you search my blog posts you will find it. And I am so glad I did not act on that intense thought. Instead I thought bigger and ETA was birthed. In fact Entrepreneur The Arts ( ETA) turns 4 on November 1st- my dad’s birthday.

Three years ago, I worked on several projects for free while I ran the clarinet shop. I approached people I admired and offered to help them with marketing and sales.  One of my projects was a year long with my now dear friend and colleague John Cimino from Creative Leaps Intl. I so believe in his Renaissance Center. In fact, I hope to use The IAE as a launching pad for his Renaissance Center to be birthed from. I  truly feel my job in life is to help artists birth economically viable career paths. What a nerdy thing to be put on this earth to do? And yet so incredibly COOL and rewarding to me.  I swear to God since I can’t be a mom, this is the only way I am going to get to experience birth. And the IAE gives me endless opportunity to experience the birthing process..

But I am in a funk right now. I have enormously personally invest my all into this business. Everything I got. And ITS HARD TO GET YOUR REVENUE SPICKET TURNED ON. It takes some time to make it flow. I got a few ka-plunks which is EXCELLENT. But its hard waiting…

So when the first revenue stream for your business begins to show up, it usually come first as a ka-plunk . Pause.

And then if you continue to work hard and are patient another ka-plunk will eventually show up.  Ahh…

But that does not mean the water is running.

It can take awhile to get revenue to begin to trickle. But you see when it does, you have income! Income makes it far easier to navigate the minefield and frankly, a whole lot more fun.

I feel so close… but yet so far, right now.

The realities of what the next 60 days hold for The IAE  dear reader, is mind blowing. Huge.

#1 We are still waiting to confirm our First University Accreditation Partnership. The process takes time because everyone has to get on board and get comfy. We need it to happen before October is over.  I am getting ancy. Students makes decisions about where they will apply to school for the next year between October and February and we simply, going into next year, cannot miss the window.  I have been working on establishing this relationship for more than a year now. Finding the right first school where we can make a BIG positive impact AND financially benefit has been very challenging.

#2 The IAE has been offered a partnership on a significant international project with The Aspen Institute. This opportunity will offer students in the classroom a global living perspective of what it means to become an arts entrepreneur. We will be delivering curriculum through tele-teach allowing students to communicate regularly across our platform. Being able to make this announcement is a HUGE step forward for the IAE.  Simply a breathtaking one. It is hard waiting for this moment to arrive. It will mean so much.

#3 I have a pending application in with The Kauffman Educational Founders Initiative. Kauffman seeks to help up to 12 individuals found school. As the largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship, if I were to be asked to participate it would be the equivalent for me of winning the principal clarinet job in the Chicago Symphony.

Nothing like having just a little something called the most intentional and purpose filled moments of your future life swingin’ in the  breeze- yup. It feels a bit vulnerable.

And the thought of having all three of these things come true almost at once? What’s the odds of that? Well, it all simply takes my breath away.

And because of all this, it has been a challenging couple of months. I do feel naked hoping my efforts have not been in vain. I do feel a bit  just like the NYU naked actor telling me about the turtle…

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