Chicago Artists: Come Discover Your Why with Lisa Canning

WHY do you do what you do?

Do your patrons know? Do you know?

Is your Why deeply embedded in your marketing materials, your website, the way you speak about who you are and your work?

“People don’t buy what you create, they buy WHY you create it says Lisa Canning.

30 year veteran arts entrepreneur Lisa Canning, has lots of happy clients, as well as has made a six figure living for more than 20 years as an arts entrepreneur by focusing on the answers to her own WHY and effectively communicating it to her audience.

Come to this innovative workshop and bring your marketing materials, your elevator speech or your product and share your story with Lisa Canning. Lisa will help you learn how to deepen your WHY; allowing it, like a magnet, to draw more of your paying audience to you and your creative work.

Come interact with other aspiring arts entrepreneurs and (re)discover your WHY.

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