Sharing Our Creativity on The Web

Sharing our creativity on the web is increasingly popular to do.  But how do we get the credit we are due for our creative work? How can we identify the original source? I don’t know about you, but I am eager to know everyone out in cyberspace who cares about the stuff I do. It’s empowering to get connected!

And what about all the stuff online that is ” borrowed” with no identification? It’s a tragedy; beside the possibility of  it being a homicide. Gosh, I know how easily it can happen.  We’re simply in a rush to get something we are excited about–want to shout out– to our online audience, and credit gets overlooked or cannot be found.

I truly wish it was a little easier to give credit and learn about each creator. Don’t you?

Well now it is.

Check out this video about Creative Commons. Get the Recognition you deserve while you protect your work!

Did you get your license? I just got mine today. I made a donation too. I suggest you do to. This is good self- sufficiency- capacity-building stuff for all of you wanna be arts-entrepreneur folks. And. Frankly. It’s just really good karma to give to an organization helping creativity individuals be more easily recognized for the work we do.  So Go ahead. Make a donation.  It will come back to you 100 fold.

Here is the link to ETA’s license: Hey we want you to share us proudly!!

It is also on the right hand side of the ETA blog with this symbol.

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