Will You Become a World Leader?

Yes, that’s right. I am speaking on a panel right after George Bush. Regardless of your politics, being asked to speak on a panel following the last President of the United States is an honor I will for the first time experience. What is an even bigger thrill is being able to finally see a clear path emerge for my passion of helping artists develop the skills they need to sustain their creativity for life. It has been 4 years of hard work to finally find the footing I need to get this engine started but its finally running as you can see from the increased recognition I am receiving. Are your passionate pursuits producing the results you want?

While I knew when I started this adventure that all good things come to those who work hard and can successfully navigate the long road of the mine field without blowing themselves up, there is no doubt this is the challenging work of an entrepreneurial leader. (But I can finally see all my hard work is leading me towards my goals in tangible concrete ways, which includes a trip to Algeria next week. But I can’t ( still) tell you explicitly about it until the press release is released in early December.) There is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, truly. I feel surrounded by abundance. Do you?

A long time ago, my father taught me a very valuable lesson: Keep Your Eye on The Ball. That’s right. You have to know what to focus on and be able to sustain your focus on it to reach your goal. You need different “tools” to do this through out your journey too to accomplish this. And without the right skills this is next to impossible to do. But the reason I wanted to create The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship in the first place was to help YOU develop the skills you need to take your anywhere in life you wish to go– just as I have been able to. I am telling you– there is NOTHING better in life than being able to make your ideas come to life.

Now I know not every artist will be willing to work as hard as I have to realize a dream. But if you are, then I am talking to you when I say: let me assure you it is far less risky and easier to do with support. At The IAE, we support you with a team of arts entrepreneurs as teachers, access to start up capital, individual mentorship and being surrounded by students just like you who will support your growth and development. Think of what you will be able to accomplish with these kinds of resources! Gosh, I wish there was a school just like the IAE when I was beginning my first business (also known as an (ad)venture.) I wonder where I would now be if there had been?

So, if YOU want to be the CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP and forever more be in control of your day and where your creative and artistic gifts can take you, then I am asking you to join me. Please apply now to The IAE.

Chuck Canning, my husband, learning how to navigate a houseboat on our recent boating vacation in Florida

Take your long holiday weekend to download our application and fill it out and mail it in. Your ship has come in to take you out for your own adventure and we are here to help you realize your own hopes and dreams.

Our biggest scholarships will be given to early applicants. Why? Because we want to reward those who take a risk. It’s easy to choose to come to a school once its trendy and cool. But we want our first class of students, and every class thereafter, to come because they simply have to take the risk now and can’t wait a moment longer to begin to build their own successful adventure.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What beauty will you find on your adventure?

Where can your leadership take you and what can you discover?

About The 2011 World Leaders Forum
Judson University is proud to present the inaugural World Leaders Forum, featuring President George W. Bush and a panel of accomplished entrepreneurs with global impact. This annual event will bring recognized world leaders to the Judson University campus each year with the intent to inspire and ignite a flame of leadership for all who attend. All proceeds this year will be donated to the Entrepreneurship Studies Endowment Fund. Please join the Judson Community as we endeavor to educate tomorrow’s business leaders and build greatness in the lives of Judson students. JOIN US!

REGISTER NOW, for the best pricing and best seats! Early Bird Pricing ends November 30, 2010. All Tickets are Tax Deductible (see ticket pricing for details).

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