Reaching a Milestone

Saturday, February, 26th, 2011

Dear Reader,

Today was an amazing day to witness in the life of a start-up educational institution: The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship.

Today was our very first interview/audition day for The IAE.  Our faculty met prospective students for the first year of our two year program, which will begin on Sept 21, 2011.  Faculty members Joyce Thomas, Reid Hyams, Creative Enterprise Microfinance funder, Dan Abbate and I gathered together, to interview and audition our very first applicants.

So who is applying? Our  applicants ranged in age literally from 20 something to 50 something. This first batch came from theater, fashion, the culinary and visual arts,  interior design and dance.  Each came with different levels of entrepreneurial ability, and a variety of different reasons for wanting to lead an independent life as an artist. What they all shared with us, and each other today, was their ideas, and passion and determination to succeed.

Today The IAE became alive and real: to students, faculty, and especially to me. And what stood out clearly to me, in particular, is how great the need is for the training program The IAE is creating. Every single applicant, in their own way, expressed how rich and important the training we will offer to them is to their growth and development to sustain themselves in the field.

Birthing a business is a lot, I think, like birthing a child. We have ideas about what our kids will look like, how they will act, and what they will say and do when they are in the womb. But it is yet another entirely different reality to actually SEE how they look, SEE how they act and experience their CAPACITY!

In my minds eye I have always thought our demographic was very diverse in age and talent. Our applicants are proving this to be true in every way. The reality of this makes me hungry to meet the next batch and to make the melting pot even bigger. This dream I have had, and all my hard work over the past four years, is awaking my life through its entry into reality. What a great milestone every start-up seeks to reach and every entrepreneur yearns to know.

What’s your ETA to entrepreneur your art?



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  • David Cutler

    Lisa, this is a very exciting step forward. I look forward to meeting everyone and learning about their passions.

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