No More Starving Artist Syndrome

I finally decided after being in the corporate world for several years, that I needed to follow my passion and dream in art because no matter how much I tried to run away from it and be someone I ‘thought’ I was supposed to be in society, it always came back to haunt me, lurking around each corner.  So…I gave up my cushy job with good pay, health insurance, paid vacations and a 401K plan a few years ago to go back to school and complete my Bachelors and Masters Degree in studio art.

Since then, I am so tired with all of the bombardment of being with peers in my profession as an artist and student that have a ‘starving artist’ syndrome stamped on their forehead.  I get so frustrated when people hear what I do or what I am going to school for and ‘joke’ that I am going to school, spending all this money, getting thousands of dollars in student loans to become a starving artist. Well, maybe that’s what they are painting for and maybe that’s what they are going to school for, but not me.  I am determined to stay far away from that disease that has infected individuals in this industry.  I am thankful that there are so many artists in this industry that are making their living as full time artists that I can look up to as they lead the way for other emerging artists.

Just like any profession, there are going to be people struggling, and people doing well.  And it begins with the right mindset.  I recently heard a speaker, Nicole Crank, that really impacted my mindset as an individual with a passion to succeed as an artist and to help others succeed as well.  What we think on has a powerful effect on our tomorrow, our next year, our next decade.  Our mindset of the past determined who we are today.  And our mindset of today will determine who we are and what we become in the future.  What we think on determines what we believe.  Believing determines how we act.  And our actions determine our future.

If we go one believing we are ‘starving artists’, then chances are, we will continue to be just that.  When you go into a gallery to submit your portfolio or if you are talking to someone about your art that can be a potential buyer and you don’t think you are any good or that you are never going to succeed, don’t you think that mindset and attitude are going to come across to that person?  Of course it is.  I can always tell when someone comes up to me if they are confident in themselves or insecure.  Same thing goes for how we feel about ourselves as artists.  In saying this, it’s time to for us to evaluate and/or re-evaluate what’s going on in our minds because this can cause us to succeed or fail.  So, what are you thinking about? And how can you change your thinking?

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  • Colleen

    I so agree with you…I am one of those artist who makes a living doing what I love. I learned early on that I needed to also learn how to be is a creative entrepreneur. When artist find a way to do what they love and make money at it too it creates for a more beautiful world. Heres to Livin the Dream….Well said Angeles!

    Love and Blessings to you…Colleen

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  • Tamera

    Believe in the value of yourself and what you create. If you don’t actually believe yet… fake it, till you make it. Because clients want to associate with and buy from great artists. If you don’t believe you are great… no one else will and you will continue to “starve”. If you are living your life’s passion using your gifts and talents then you are choosing to live the life you are meant to live, on this earth. Congratulations, most people never figure that out. YOU ARE GREAT, so believe it and other’s will too!

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