For the love of creativity. Thank you Mom.

In honor of my mother, I launched The IAE‘s 1st Sustainable Creativity Competition.

A small number of artists entered and created some beautiful artistic things from some of the $100,000 worth of clothes, purses, scarves, belts and hats, I offered as art materials.

We have officially opened The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund Ebay Store with these entries.

The auction is from May 2nd through May 9th. I hope you will go and bid on an item and support both The IAE and the artists. All proceeds are split between us.

For the love of creativity. Thank you Mom.

Lisa Canning


P.S. A funny thing happened when we ran the competition. In one of my mom’s purses, that I had give away to someone, there was $60.00 tucked into a small pocket.  The money was regifted to me as the first donation to The IAE Scholarship Fund. One of the most amazing parts about this whole competition, to me,  is that MY MOM herself made the very first contribution to it.

When you are doing in life what you are suppose to do, and have the skills to do it, the right things happen to you.


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