Your Best Kept Secret

Written by Artist, John Hall

There are many secrets to becoming a successful artist and making a name for yourself in the world. There are secrets in just about every profession that exists today. I’m talking about the secrets that make the top achievers in any field appear to be light years apart from all the rest.

The truth is that the things that determine whether you win or lose aren’t really secrets. Everyone already knows what to do. It really is just a matter of doing it. Over time you will start to build momentum toward your goals and things will seem to feel much easier than the beginning. No matter what, there will always be challenges and setbacks. This is part of life. Accept it and keep going. Some parts of the journey will be very challenging and some will be easy. I define easy as “something you can do.” Let’s face it, there is a lot that we can do, so why act as thought it is hard? Do not waste your precious energy wondering if you’re good enough, smart enough, or if everyone you meet will love or support your work. Every day do something that will help take you to where you want to go. The Great Wall of China is the longest manmade structure in the world, stretching for thousands of miles. It was still only built brick by brick. Your big results won’t happen overnight. But then again, what have you ever achieved in life that you were able to build overnight, that yielded a tremendous reward? Think about it.

The best part is that I’m here to share a secret with you. This secret is probably buried so deeply into your mind, that you have nearly forgotten it. I’m sure you have thought about it from time to time, in some way.  For the longest time you have been dismissing the thought because for some reason you just do not want to believe it. You are so close to a major breakthrough in your life, right now, and this secret is all you need to ignite that light within your spirit to finally make the decision to reach for your dreams.  All of them.

I’m talking about YOU! No, I’m not making fun of you, my friend. I want you to know that the secret is YOU. You are and always have been your best-kept secret. What the world needs is you. I’m talking about the YOU that you are afraid of because it is almost hard to imagine that you could be that great! Actually, that is specifically what you were meant for and that is the reason that it nearly makes you cry every single time you think about that dream of yours that still only lives in your heart.

As an artist, our greatest gift is that we have something to give the world that is completely one-of-a-kind. It is literally impossible for any of the other 7 billion people in the world to share the gift of YOU with the rest of us. Your art, in whatever form you choose, can only be created and presented by you. No one else was meant to come and tell your story the way that you will tell your own story through your art. Some of us are poets, actors, painters, sculptors, musicians, teachers, and the list goes on and on. Every day there is someone that leaves this earth whose story was never truly told. You possess an unbelievable power as an artist. Use it. This is your greatest asset and will help you manifest all the things necessary into your world to bring your art to life. Today, commit to yourself that you will be devoted to your craft. Make the decision that you are going to put as much energy as you possibly can into using the totality of all the creative life force that animates your body. Ceaselessly use it to bring new things to life. This energy is always available to us and gives us access to unlimited possibilities. Please, make this secret work for you so that you and your wonderful work are no longer a secret to the world. There are tremendous things ahead in your future and I want you to know that I believe in you.

Just do something,

John Hall


About John Hall

John Hall is an artist, author, actor, and entrepreneur. John studied art at Illinois State University and the Illinois Institute of Art. He is most well known for his novel, “Pandora’s Box,” and for his iconic painting, titled: “Fugue.”  Read Pandora’s Box for free at:

Through his work, John connects with the audience, creating a lasting impact on the viewer as they observe his paintings. His first book is part of a fantasy series he is writing and his upcoming book is a motivational/inspirational book to help everyone begin to start their biggest dream. This summer John Hall makes his film debut in the upcoming film “Using.” See him in the trailer at:
John Hall has been dedicated to helping people all his life. Art is his best outlet to express his creativity and share his positive messages with others. The opportunities created from being an artist have allowed John to achieve some of his greatest dreams. Young in his art career, we are thankful that there is hopefully much more he has in store for us.


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