Keep creatively innovating. It works. And it can change the world.


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Dear Reader,

Every once in awhile I get an email that seems fitting to publish (with permission).  This one fits the bill.

To all our readers, let this be a reminder to keep creatively innovating. It works. And it can change the world.

I have been reading your posts for sometime, just love the material. My mantras…..finding freedom with in the limitations ( in my art practice, I push to refine, reinvent & produce collections annually). seeing beauty in what you do is an art… (my tagline) never look back darlin,….. Edith Head, I have many more.
It’s nice to find another artist, entrepreneur reinventing. I believe in order to continue to produce great work that pushes refinement on all levels, one must commit to a thought process & practice it. I had the honor of meeting & discussing art briefly with Karl Kasten, whom died at 93. What fascinated me most about him was his love of discovery. I felt a semblance of kindred spirit in these brief, yet powerful, meetings.
If all of us creatives continue to practice a love of discovery, reinvention is natural. All that is required is creating the annual process that you back into each year. I just completed my collection for this year iconoculture | a world view on modern beauty. The work reflects positively on humanity, my vision.. in my art practice. I produce work to engage the public to pause in a moment of positive reflection.
Beyond the concept of the art collection, is the production, articulation into exhibition, constant marketing via continually revisions to the website, submissions & a can do attitude. All require a pace, which
allows you to reinvigorate your purpose in your work.
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