The Innovators Metamorphosis Club, Wanna Free Pass?

Lately I feel like I have attended a whole bunch of meetings and conferences where the new overused word of the day is innovation.  It’s trendy and cool to, like, overuse, like you know, the new hip word of the day.  Reminds me of junior high in an adult sort of way.  Sweet. Ugghh.

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

We can talk and talk and talk about innovation but it don’t mean a thing if we don’t act.

Innovation is about change, its about transformation, its about making things, and people and places and LIVES better.

Innovators don’t talk about change- they do it. We live for it. Sure we whine and suffer sometimes through the process- who wouldn’t?  But the difference is we do it anyway because whatever it is we see in our heads just has to become real enough to see if it can make a difference.

And lately I have been doing a whole lot of whining too. Because my world is undergoing rapid fire change. Trying to launch an international school with power house partners like The Aspen Institute and The US State Department is a lot like being sent to college in grade school. The learning curve is steep but you do it any way because your smart enough to handle it. And secretly when your up all night doing your homework, you actually think it’s pretty fun and cool to be swimming in the ocean instead of your bathtub too. (well sometimes. The rest of the time that’s where the whining comes in.)

Look, innovation don’t mean a thing if you don’t ever swing.

Ready. FIRE. Aim.

Go ahead! MOVE!

It’s got to become REAL. Even if you miss at first. Just FIRE.  Just Do IT!  You can learn how to aim later.

And yes, figuring out exactly how to turn the visions in your head into real dancing sugarplum fairies dancing right in front of you makes staying “inside the illusion”  far more appealing.

  1. After all, if you don’t ever act on your ideas they stay perfectly intact in your head for eternity.
  2. And they require no effort.
  3. They’re free.
  4. And its super cool to get to talk and talk and talk about them all day long.
  5. Oh, and they don’t require new skills- there is no risk involved at all. Zero. Zip. You are GUARANTEED to NEVER fail.
  6. And did I mention the ideas in your head are FREE? Oh, I guess I did. But FREE is SUPER important. It’s the new black.
  7. The only thing the ideas living inside your head cost you, really, is your life. How long are you willing to let your passionate ideas fly right by you?  Is the price of admission worth it?

Lisa Canning, Founder of and The Institute for Arts


Gosh I hope not. I just think transforming 16 legs into a pair of wings on my back is too cool of a process to not want to go through. Pain and all. (whining allowed too.)



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