I’ve Been Branded

In our society, people tend to judge or put a label on you before they even know you or your product.  Because of this, it is very important that we, as artists, come up with our own brand and promote this.  If you don’t, the public will.  And will their brand represent you correctly?  Will it help you or harm you?  Once you have been branded, it’s hard to change what people think.  Yes, it can be done but you will have to work 10 times harder than you would have if you would have just taken care of this from the beginning.


So, how do you do this?

–        First off, your brand should say something unique about you or your art.  Yes, maybe you are a great sculptor but what sets your work apart from others?  What do you bring to the table?

–        Who is your market audience?

–        What is the best thing that you do?  Define what that unique element is within you.

–        Now you can create a catch phrase that encompasses this element.  Write your ideas down and think on them often.  The one that keeps resonating or coming back to you is probably the right one.  Take your time.

–        It is highly recommended that a logo is created.  For businesses, I believe this is a must.  For an art entrepreneur, I believe it could go either way, depending on who your market is and what it is you are marketing.  For graphic artists, I think it’s necessary and very helpful because this becomes a part of their portfolio, showcasing what they can do.  As a fine artist, I do not have a logo and feel that it would not benefit my business and I have done just fine without it.



Now, go out there a promote your brand!!

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet for your business, then I strongly suggest working on that first.  It’s easy, free and there is an endless market just waiting for you to make yourself known.  Sign up for social media websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.  Follow people.  Invite people with similar interests to be your friend.  Grow your market.  Log in every day at least a couple of times and leave comments, status’, messages, pictures of your art, upcoming shows and exhibits, website and blog information.  The important thing is to get your brand started and get it in the face of people.  Now, go out and have some fun!!  And create more art!


Written by, Angeles Jonske


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