KickStarter Investment Opportunity: The Blue Bike Kid Show

ETA loves ASU and Linda Essig’s P.A.V.E. program (Performing Arts Venture Experience). So consider supporting
Blue Bike, a student led venture by pledging something to help them reach their goal before Wednesday June 29th 1:07pm EDT .

Through KickStarter, 71 Backers have pledged a total of $3,721 to fund Blue Bike’s “The Blue Bike Kid Show,” a multimedia experience designed to demystify the technology and science that surrounds us and encourages kids to explore and engage in it. The Blue Bike Kid Show follows the absurd misadventures of Boyd, EP, & Steve, the time-traveling assistants of legendary inventor Nikola Tesla. Kids will be able to see the show live at schools, science centers, and community events as well as follow the Blue Bike web-series online.

Blue Bike is designed to inspire and empower children, ages 8-13, to take ownership of modern digital technology–not just as a product for consumption but rather as a means of creation. Riding along with the Blue Bike gang, children will learn about the science and technology being developed in their own communities and how to use that knowledge to make their communities better.

Blue Bike’s funding goal is $5,000 (minimum pledge you can make is $1).

Deadline to make a pledge is Wednesday, June 29, 1:07 EDT.

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