Are we really getting the most out of Social Media?

Adriane Fink, Corporate and Foundation Relations Coordinator
Americans for the Arts

Social Media. We know we need it. But are we really getting the most out of our Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds?

Corporations across the country are paying close attention to the online craze and have discovered that using social media to partner with nonprofits allows them to reach the broadest possible audience in a cost-effective way. The results show a stunning use of creativity benefiting the nonprofit world. Let me share a few statistics with you.

With over 500 million active users, one in every 13 people on earth now uses Facebook. Over 50 percent log in every day. 48 percent of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, and 28 percent do so before getting out of bed. Not to be left behind, Twitter has also rapidly expanded, with over 200 million registered accounts and 155 million tweets per day.

But what really grabs a corporation’s interest: Over 700 billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook. 250 million people interact with Facebook from outside the official website on a monthly basis, across 2.5 million websites. There are over 900 million pages, groups, events, and community pages and the average user is connected to 80 of them.

Corporate giving programs are sitting up and taking notice…

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