Reimagining America

Lisa Canning

We have lost our imagination. That’s what’s wrong with America. The leaders (or want to be’s) of our great country have no vision or language to help us reimagine our world. Our founding fathers envisioned what America could be and devised a language- our constitution-  for it. It was a brave imaginative act. It was through new shared language that America came alive.

We need more bravery.  Bravery to defend our ideas and to stand up for what we believe in. There is no better example of what bravery means than those who serve in our military. It is disgusting how we throw our military men and women in the trash and leave them jobless, emotionally bankrupt and hopeless after they protect and serve us all. What are we transmitting to ourselves about the value of bravery?

We need action not reactions. How many committees do we need to form?  How much consensus must we build to know what to do and when to do it? How many studies must we undertake?  How much talk, talk, talk, talk, talk must occur before we come to a NEW LEVEL of consciousness that simply and clearly informs us to ACT?

We need to value honor. It’s hard to get anything done in life without it. We need to honor our words and back them with actions. How often do you find a lack of consistency between words and actions with loved ones, friends, co-workers, and leaders? How can we trust each other without this basic form of respect and shared understanding? How can we play together or stand up tall and proud together without honor really?

And for that matter, where did our drive go?  It takes determination, sweat and commitment to create an amazing life, a business, a legacy. Instant gratification is a sugar high compared to the sustainable energy that flows from committing and investing into your life’s work. And yet, sympathetically, I can understand how most people I know get to the point where they say ” It’s too much trouble. Life is too unstable.  It’s like a continuous walk uphill in the sleeting cold rain, gale winds blowing without an umbrella or a raincoat. I don’t care enough to risk it. Go ahead, you do it. I’ll watch and see how well it works for you”. Yah. This is what’s wrong with America.

We have lost our confidence. Our ideas are shot down, our brave acts thrown out with the trash and our trust in mankind chipped away at slowly until our confidence is shaken. It takes confidence in ourselves to make a difference, confidence from our communities to make change happen and confidence in our government for each of us to steward our slice of the world with integrity and make the world a better place.

So where does this leave us? Stalled and alone with our selfish selves. Seems like not the best premise to restore hope or build something to believe in, does it?

What makes life worth living is the joy of helping others. At least that’s what life in America means to me. There IS A WAY to do good and do well at the same time here at home. I find it simply bizarre how often my purest desire and sincerity is called into question. What does that say really about America and her people? Do we really SH*T where we eat or have we just grown so accustom to others doing it that it seems normal and acceptable that we do it too?

We have only one life to live America. Use your One voice to make a difference. Find a sisterhood or brotherhood of believers just like you.  Make a tribe with them. And when you do?  Be LOYAL and KIND and GIVING towards them. WITH THEM use your imagination.  BE brave, ACT, and do it with HONOR. If you do, you will rise above adversity together and your confidence will grow together.

Let us  be brave enough to reimagine our futures together FIRST with our truest of true friends and then expand from there. Those who really believe and VALUE the same things we do. Let’s hold each other accountable in the name of progress and honor. Gosh. Imagine that. Now find the language you need to make it come true in your family, in your community and in this lifetime.

We can restore America into all things possible again.





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