Back to School Challenge

Here we are again, at the beginning of a new school year full of promise. Hopefully all of you involved with this academic ecosystem are rested, rejuvenated, and rearing to go.

Within a matter of weeks or days, urgent deadlines will start to emerge with ever increasing frequency. Stress levels will rise, your to-do list will grow long. All good stuff, mind you. But to cope with such demanding expectations, the time for imagining a better future, strategic career planning, and other entrepreneurial activity may grow short. Or wither away completely if you’re not careful.

So before that inevitable, relentless chaos takes over life, I challenge you to answer a question. For students and other art makers, it looks like this:

What one big, important thing will you do this year to advance your career, establish your platform, and make the arts world just a little more valuable?

For teachers and schools, the challenge is this:

What new, powerful initiative will be enacted this year within YOUR curriculum to better prepare students for professional—as opposed to simply artistic—success.

Most arts students, teachers, and schools won’t make much headway in these areas this year. Sure, they’ll improve artistic/training technique, continue taking/offering outstanding classes, and perpetuate conventional wisdom that’s been around for decades without batting an eye or daring to consider other options.

But I’m asking you to be a leader. Of your own life, and for the world around you. Write it down. Commit. And make it happen.

Otherwise, twelve months from now, you’ll simply have more technique and less time.


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