Increasing the Value of Creativity

What does it take to increase the value of creativity? How can we change societal perception and reality by helping legitimize the value of creative soft skills and their social impact?

For the last 10 days I have been working at a fever pitch on this very subject matter while finalizing a multimillion dollar grant request for the IAE. In it we submitted a 65 page literature review, a 4 part comprehensive research plan, an 80 page budget summarized in 7, and a 38 page narrative- all to substantiate the need to increase the value of creativity in our world and the potent outcomes for doing so.

It seems in life whatever we focus on multiplies. As our ingenuity gaps multiply the cost to our world and its people, who increasing are becoming less creative, has profound implications to our character development and our world’s progress.  And if we, as creatives, continue to be devalued and sidelined and thought of as ” the entertainment”- as one Dean of a major school of design recently told me- even if we ARE invited to the “party”- what does this mean?

It means the invisible wall is real. At every level. In most every sector and strand of society. And even among those who are educated enough to know better. And don’t we, as creatives, know it.

Creatives are being discriminated against, perhaps unknowingly, and silently, through others perceptions and ignorance of the true value we hold. And if we don’t DO something about it- we are contributing to it. ACTION not reaction is required.

Is it more cost effective to clean up a nuclear meltdown, or creatively find ways to prevent it? Is it more cost effective to go to war or learn how to better communicate to reach a higher level of shared understanding first? Is it more cost effective to stand by the sidelines and watch our imaginations writ large decline or creatively find a way to restore them to fuel growth and innovation?

There is an ENORMOUS deficit of soft skills in our world. At every level our world is crying out for more creativity to solve our problems.  More creativity is needed everywhere we look.  And the invisible wall of perception stands in our way. And the reality of our need to increase our capacity to tear it down and as CREATIVES to LEAD must change to be recognized for the value we hold.

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