Which road are you on? The Paths We Choose

Are you one of those drivers who jumps on the expressway because it’s the fastest route to your destination? Is your choice to take it also influenced by the fact that you don’t have to think too hard about how to get to where you are going?

After all choosing to take the expressway is simple. It requires little from you. The signs are all easily marked, and you have few, if any, choices to make when your on it. And besides you get to listen to music, or talk on the phone, or to a friend in the car, and enjoy yourself while your driving on it.  And of course there is the cost of fuel to consider. It’s more expensive than ever. The expressway is likely to be the most cost effective way to get to your destination.

It seems in our world today whatever is fastest, requires the least from us, provides instant gratification and serves the bottom line is the preferred path to take. How well is that working for our world?

Do you think maybe it’s time to consider choosing to take another road?

What about the scenic road?

Sure, it takes more time but it’s beautiful and awakens the senses.  Choosing to take it will require that you prepare ahead of time. Not only will you need to fill up your tank before you go on it but you will need to bring the right detailed map with you so you don’t lose your way. So it requires a leap of faith too. And yes, it’s true- it will be more expensive to get to wherever your going, because it takes longer, and will require you to study the map and think.

And it’s also less congested, isn’t loud and noisy to distort clear thinking, and is up to you to discover it’s fun.

And sometimes when your on the scenic route, you’ll find out your map is wrong and you’ll run out of road. Then what?  I guess you will have to see your trip as an adventure and not transportation to a destination.

Are you brave enough to choose the road less traveled? Our world needs you to be. More than ever.




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