Writing a Tune Can Fine Tune Corporate Communications

A few months ago, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business. Crain’s staff photographer,  Stephen Serio, was assigned to take my picture.  Besides the fact I totally enjoyed working with Steve, he is a really creative photographer, he and I really synched up around the importance of increasing the value of artistic creativity. We both agreed we wanted others to more readily see (and pay for) the value creatives hold by helping them develop transmittable skills to help others use their gifts in productive ways.

Peter Himmelman teaches business how to improve communication skills through music.

Here is a great piece Steve just completed about Chicago musician Peter Himmelman.  Peter is taking his songwriting abilities and teaching businesses how to improve their communication abilities with music. Peter takes a page from Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind” and ties it together with the experiential creative process of learning to write a song. Through songwriting Peter is able to teach to others how to increase their ability to communicate through learning about diversifying their styles of communication.  By increasing the variety of ways someone can communicate, not only can a deeper form of creativity surface in the workplace but a new shared language can be learned to create more trust and a willingness to take risks.

   This artwork is from the home page of Peter Himmelman’s website. Don’t you just love it?!

If Peter can do this much for a company and its people with just one page of Dan Pink’s book, what can we, and all of the other art forms, do to strengthen creativity in the workforce with the rest of Dan’s book?

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