Happy 5th Bithday Entrepreneur The Arts: November 1st, 2006-2011

Happy 5th Birthday ETA!  In honor of our celebration, here are 5 things you need to know about our journey.


Writing a blog is a great way to start an entrepreneurial journey. 5 years ago today I started ETA to see where it could lead me.  5 years later The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship has opened its doors and our blog and resource center are visited by over 1000 unique visitors a day.


ETA is all about traveling on the road less traveled. This is where emotional intelligence, self-expression and creativity thrive. It’s also where the majority of new jobs will be created, communities will blossom and Main Street will (again) thrive.


It takes three ingredients to make your ideas come to life.  #1 An unyielding desire and a clear understanding of what your  genius- your unique gifts- the world needs to receive. #2 The willingness to develop the skills you need while you improvise, become more flexible and fluent, continuously fail forward, remain out of your comfort zone for extended periods of time and diverge until you recognize its time to converge and choose the next step. #3 The financial resources to be able to stay in the game. You need to organize your life and your money to allow you to work on the development of your idea.


Investments of time can yield for you two things.  Either financial gain or the resource to get you there. ETA has not been about the first but about creating the second.  So if you are expecting money to flow from something you are creating and it isn’t, figure out how, instead, to use it as a gateway to the financial gain you are looking for.


Remember: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”—  Margaret Mead  And you, my blog readers, are that small thoughtful, committed group! Thank you for caring about innovating the arts. Together we can change the worlds perceptions about the true value the arts hold. Please continue to spread our shared vision and hopes and dreams.

To the next 5 years! What’s your E.T.A. to entrepreneur your art?

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