Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Culture of Curiosity, Shared Language and Motivation

The last class of The IAE’s first module just finished yesterday. For the entire past three months we have been exploring who we are, how we communicate, how our lives are constructed and what matters most to us.  In our classroom we have been learning how to develop a culture of curiosity, shared language, increase our recognition of patterns, and explore what triggers our own motivation- all essential ingredients to begin to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

A great deal of our learning has been done through experiences of the learning. Artists learn best this way.  And while I had never, until I conceived the IAE, attempted to construct as much of the curriculum as possible in this way, it is highly impact filled and TOTALLY worth all of the effort to create. Consistently we have taken our main learning objectives and constructed group projects or situations to experience that are designed to expose our students thinking and intuitive processes so they can discover their own lessons and learning. Our students are learning how to teach themselves. Another trait of a great entrepreneurial mindset. And the results speak for themselves- they always produce far more insights  then the few lessons we had in mind when we construct our experiential curriculum for our students.

At the end of each weekend of class we synthesize our learning. Together we create a list of what we have learned and reduce it down to only the essential nuggets we really need to be reminded of to continue our evolution and growth.

Here is our final learning wall for the end of our 1st module of class.

The IAE is bursting with energy, ideas, new friendships, and a sea of increased awareness and individual shifts and changes all leading towards the development of entrepreneurial mindsets.
In the end, what matters is not what we know. But how we think about what we know.  And what we do with those insights to uncover the resources we need to make good choices along the way in our journey towards our creative and financial goals.
The early bird deadline for new applications for the IAE’s 2012-2013 year is December 15th.
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