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I am sitting here with coffee in hand, writing to you all from the French Quarter in beautiful New Orleans. I am at the U.S Association for. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (USASBE). Today my colleague from University of Illinois, Joyce Thomas, and I present a paper on our learning model for The IAE.

One of the educational underpinnings of The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship is our Personal and Business Flow Model; which Joyce Thomas and I developed from our understanding of the Business Model Canvas. The Business Model Canvas is an analytical tool described in Business Model Generation. It is a visual template pre formatted with the nine blocks of a business model, allowing users to diagram existing business models or conceive new ones. Check out the Canvas as it is used for organizations and for individuals.

In our model we have adapted the Canvas to be a Personal Canvas specifically designed to intuitively and emotionally address all 9 segments allowing creatives to understand business development from right to left. It is different than the personal canvas that is about to be released in Business Model You.


If you are curious to know more, a 79-page, 9.3 MB preview of Business Model You is now available for download.


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    This is our culture: people only see what is because what it could be is too far out of the box. And the near future survival is not base on what is… that is already dead, you just don’t know it yet. The future is about an alternate view: read the next genesis by humberto sachs (Amazon, B&N)

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