F Failure- How about “Let’s (creative thinkers) Bloom”

Failure Club is inspiring. One of the core tenants  The IAE teaches is how to rebound from repeatedly failing and to fail often in super small ways. Failure Club is pretty cool but the overarching message is wrong. It’s how to BLOOM guys- to do so you fail along the way A LOT.

That’s why it helps to have a group working together to BLOOM, but it takes more than just hanging together. You need to learn how to learn from others.

You need to learn how to think.

You gotta learn to train your elephant. Yah. At last.

That’s what we do at the IAE. God knows there are a lot of smart creatives in the world who simply don’t know how to get their ideas to be taken seriously enough to become real.. enough. I hear you. I have felt your pain. At IAE you will find a home if you are a self defined creative and feeling kind of, well, IGNORED.


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