It’s Halftime in America…

Clint Eastwood was remarkable in the halftime Chrysler Commercial. Wow. So, what’s our strategy, America, for the second half?

Is it going to be about accepting and learning from a new breed of leader?

One who is socially conscious ethically bound creatively fueled and astonishingly- efficient?

The not for-profit-world, and the creative industries especially, are a gold mine for recruiting talent.  All NFP leaders need is some for-profit entrepreneurial training to become REAL CHANGE AGENTS to fortune 1000. And to all you hard core NFP leaders- we need to fight for some funding innovation. Look what happened in Detroit. A big government INVESTMENT came along for our auto industry at the RIGHT TIME (aka now) and  RAPID GROWTH and RECOVERY occurred.

And to all you foundations who don’t know how to deal with us up starts in your space? Not everything has to be old and established to be your next best investment. Get better at taking a few risks.  We all have to.

And more government bailouts are not the answer either. How many gazillions pf dollars is Fortune 1000 sitting on overseas that is not being used productively? What our government needs to do is let some of that money come back home free of charge to fuel growth that emanates from the creative industries.

The creative not-for-profit industries have some remarkable people who with a little investment and a little education, and a ‘herd’ building mentality, could do a lot for our economic recovery while they change the world. It’s time America.


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