What can your creativity do for you?

This came into my inbox a few days ago and put a smile on my face. This is the reason I keep on keeping on with this blog. My creativity changed the direction of my life and made me into the person I am. And it’s going to do it for Chris too.  What can your creativity do for you?

A long time ago I came to grips with the idea that none of my art will be worth any real value until I’m dead. I’ve always wanted to be a freelance artist but I (just knew) it would never pay the bills, so I went from bs job to bs. job never happy! Last year I decided to go to school for graphic design. If I can use my art on computers maybe I can make a little money with it. In my first year of school I’ve learned that I have more talent than I thought, and my teachers are pushing me to drop my “starving artist” mindset.

Today I was randomly searching google for some kind of picture to set as my computer background that will remind me to push myself as an artist and push my art to make money. That when I stumbled upon your blog and loved it! I had to share it on Facebook, and write you this thank you letter! I’m in the middle of changing my own mind about being a starving artist and hearing it from other people (your blog) really helps! So thank you!
Chris R.

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