Did you know April 15-21 is World Creativity Week?


Creativity crisis headlineWorld Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 began in May 2001 when Canada’s National Post newspaper ran this banner headline and Canadian creativity professionals took it to heart.  Marci Segal, John Sedgwick, Paul Rousseau and Jacynthe Bedard believed they could do something to stir the creative embers of their country-folk and more. They launched week-long global celebration of creativity and innovation.

World Creativity and Innovation Week purpose

  • Celebrate the unlimited potential of creativity
  • Raise awareness that all people by nature are creative
  • Encourage people to use their creativity to improve their lives, their work, their community
  • Prepare people to contribute to and be ready for the innovations to come

Now, 11 years later, over 105 communities, businesses and schools across 50 + countries celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW) April 15 – 21, annually. (fyi Leonardo da Vinci’s b’day is April 15th.)

To tell the world what you are up to during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21.  You can

  1. Join our LinkedIn World Creativity group and post it there.
  2. Join our Facebook World Creativity group and post it there.
  3. Tweet @worldcreativity and make your announcements with #wciw

Everyone is welcome to take part. Whether in business or school, at home, government, virtually or on the factory floor. On the street, on the bus, at the mall. Doesn’t matter where.  What matters is this:  do good.  Whatever your celebration, be it a conversation, an action, make sure you do good.

To learn more about World Creativity Week click here.


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