Growing Bright Ideas

Got a great idea you want to have grow? Tina Hammer sure does. Lots and lots of them.

Tina and I first met at a Create. Innovate. Repeat. event maybe 9 months ago. Tina shared with our group some of her philosophy about why she is interested in terrariums.  For Tina, terrariums allow us to explore how urban environments become natural growing spaces for plants.

Tina believes that through terrariums, we can experience this intersection between natural and man-made terrain from the standpoint of practical, yet creative sustainability. Pretty interesting idea and cool.

Do you have a growing bright idea you would like to share? Do you live in Chicago? Sign up now to come to our next Create.Innovate.Repeat. on Thursday May 17th from 6 to 7:30pm.  Space is limited and our light filled beautiful space @ ING Direct is a fun place to pitch and share ideas.

All of Tina’s terrariums are made of upcycled (repurposed) glass, light bulbs, and books, many of which are donated by local restaurants, bars and individuals from her neighborhood. I love the light bulb shape myself and now have one of my very own to enjoy. To learn more about Tina’s terrariums go to www.b3terrariums.com.


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