How Do We Create Effective Teams and Collaboration?

Interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration is essential to solving problems and facilitating innovation. In this video, researcher Angela Fernandez Oviz, effectively demonstrates how to utilize the strengths of people across disciplines to co-create and collaborate.


About Angela Fernandez Oviz

Angela Fernandez Orviz (Industrial Engineer and MDes Design Innovation) uses design techniques (problem finding and problem solving, user-centered and interaction design, visual communication.) in order to achieve innovation. She has specialized in what is now called co-creation and has two different approaches:

  1. Cross-functional teams management by the creation tools that enable interdisciplinary collaboration.
  2. The use of users/customers input during the design & implementation processes through both social research and the facilitation of workshops with focus groups.

Otherwise her engineering background gives her a good understanding of technical limitations and feasibility.

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