Will the best and brightest continue to pursue creative professions?

Written by Lisa Canning

The other day a friend of mine made a comment to me that she had observed fewer students entering artistic disciplines who were the best and brightest in their class. “Back in our day students entered the arts and were super brainy, hard working, full of energy~ but that’s all changing. Now they come 1/2 full, feeling entitled and kind of sleepy,” she said.

Her  comment really concerned me as did this interesting article ” Can You Make a Living in the Arts” which ran in the Guardian in the UK and is chock-full of interesting stats.

As a group, we creatives are at a place where the rubber has to meet the road. We need to create healthier attitudes, more examples of success and new sustainable paths.  We need to work together and set our egos aside to learn from one another and to find new ways forward.  And we don’t have any more moments to waste thinking about it, creating survey’s or studies to “study it”. Nor can we continue to sit on our hands waiting for someone else to move first or hope the problem just goes away if we ignore it. Haven’t we seen the aftermath enough already of what ignoring the problem will do?


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“Vowels are to words what creativity is to the world~ pretty basic and necessary.”

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