Are you the lone nut ready to stand up? Let your freak flag fly.

Written by Lisa Canning

Calling all you self defined visionaries:

Here is proof that it is possible to take as little as 3 minutes for you to start a movement IF you want to.

It just has to:

  • Be 100% consistent with every ounce of your uniqueness
  • Embrace your first followers as equals
  • AND have the potential to be sustainable because you have the skills you need to do so

Give your vision some oxygen- allow it to be seen. Get it out of your head so it can step into the world dancing and alive. Or better yet, be one of the first one’s to join a new dancing tribe.


About Lisa Canning

“Vowels are to words what creativity is to the world~ pretty basic and necessary.”

Lisa Canning is the founder of IAEOU, the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship (IAE) and Entrepreneur the Arts.

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