Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship (IAE) and Princess Taghrid’s Institute for Arts and Handicrafts Development (PTI) announce partnership to develop online creative leadership educational programming

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Chicago, IL- October 1, 2012–Today The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship (IAE)- Chicago, IL announced an online interdisciplinary creative leadership educational pilot program initiative with Princess Taghrid’s Institute for Arts and Handicrafts Development located in Amman, Jordan.

The IAE will develop 5 online peer-based collaborative creative leadership courses to address 21st century gaps in career and leadership education beginning in early 2013. Geared towards high school, college level and adult life-long learners, multi- generational students who excel at science, technology, engineering, art and math (STE[+a]M), will begin learning together online in the Fall of 2013.

“In the 21st century views on technology, work ethic and cultural diversity are strikingly different not only in different parts of the world, and from discipline to discipline, but also from generation to generation. Each generation is leaving its own mark and disconnects between intention, action, and understanding of the complex dynamics of social interaction, performance standards, and patterns of acceptable behavior in the workforce. We need to adopt a new global culture of understanding about acceptable social and emotional practices that will fuel innovation and job creation in the 21st century,” said IAE’s Executive Director Lisa Canning.

“In Jordan we understand that sharing a common language, such as English or Arabic or French, is not enough for us to be successful. Another type of common language needs to be implemented that crosses disciplines as well as generational and social divides. We know that utilizing the strengths of students across STE[+a]M disciplines will leverage the strengths of both the left and right brain. We recognize the new skills this kind of training can develop will not only advance individual careers, but help our industry leaders hire graduates from this kind of training program because our students are able to communicate and problem solve across generational and social divides,” stated Aghadeer Jweihan , Executive Director of Princess Taghrid’s Institute for Arts and Handicrafts Development.

In cooperation with Al Balqa Applied University and The University of California- San Diego, graduates of this initial 5-course Creative Leadership program will be granted a program completion certificate.

To learn more about the IAE go to: www.theiae.com

To learn more about Princess Taghrid’s Institute for Arts & Handicrafts Development go to: http://www.pti-jo.com/


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  • This is a wonderful partnership! Developing social and emotional practices that fit with 21st century thinking will create a fantastic leadership program!

  • Thanks Rhonda!

  • Brendan McCall

    This is great, Lisa. I hope that this initiative grows into more such partnerships for both of your Institutes!

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