Small Creative Companies are Poised for Growth in 2013

FunctionFox’s fifth annual survey of creative industry professionals, across North America, shows growing optimism among small creative companies. The new study suggests that most small creative companies (from 1 to 25 employees) are poised for a good year in 2013. 95% of businesses they surveyed expect to hire new employees or maintain their current staffing levels through the New Year, and the same percentage are also anticipating stable or increased revenues.

Their free 8-page report was compiled from responses of creative professionals across North America, and shares perspectives on staffing, revenues, opportunities and challenges facing small creative firms heading into 2013.

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About FunctionFox

FunctionFox is committed to helping small creative companies improve their business. They do this through their industry leading software TimeFox, and through the numerous free resources, articles, and valuable insights available through their web site, Facebook page, Twitter feed and newsletter. It’s their mission to help creative professionals be better at the business of design and delivering their creative services.

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