82% of Small Business Executives Think The U.S. Economy Is On The Wrong Track

More investment in small business education and development is still needed to completely turn this around. The news still seems to be too mixed and confused about the potential of small business. The culture of small business and its ability to build culturally rich social networks– especially from the creative industries- are foundational building blocks to a globally robust economy. 
The following post was authored by Jason Nazar, CEO, Docstoc.

The results from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Q4 Small Business Outlook Survey show that there remains a significant amount of concern among the small business community about the U.S. economy and overall small business climate.  We put together this visualization at Docstoc to show the upward climb a lot of small business owners feel we have ahead of us.  But don’t despair, I have some recommendations and resources on how to succeed in face of this climate.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey,:

82% think U.S. economy is on the wrong track ( see more data on small business sentiment)

 71% feel that health care law makes it harder to hire (review the critical points on how the Affordable Health Care Act affects small businesses)

66% believe that the climate for small businesses has actually worsened over the past two years (avoid making these entrepreneurial mistakes in 2013)

64% plan to keep the same number of employees in 2013 (beat the trend with this course on How to Get a Job)

54% expect the small business climate to worsen in next 2 years (take advantage of the resources provided by the SBA and SCORE)

53% have not hired in the past year (check out this Stanford lecture on having a Hiring Plan)

17% indicated that they plan to add employees in 2013 (see my 3 Key Criteria for Hiring)

16% of Small Business Owners Hired More Employees in 2012 (here’s what those candidate probably did to Ace the Interview)


Jason Nazar is the co-founder & CEO of Docstoc, a top 500 most-visited website helping small businesses.  He’s also the creator & host of the live events Startups Uncensored, and a thought leader on topics about entrepreneurship, technology & small business.

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