College Students: Great Internships have never been easier to find.

Need a great internship to build your skills and resume or to help you launch your first business?

Check out InternMatch. This incredible site is loaded with paid and unpaid opportunities for college and graduate students. InternMatch has a large selection of internships ranging from big business to not-for-profit positions too. These include companies like CBS and Pixar, as well as small industry leaders like HootSuite. InternMatch also offers IT internships where the best engineering students can work at top tech companies like salesforce.com and NetApp to tackle big, challenging projects in a fast-paced work environment.

On the not-for-profit side, InternMatch works with a number of leading non-profit organizations and has positions available in micro-finance, environmental sustainability and social justice. If this is your passion, check out opportunities from Kiva, Ashoka, DoSomething, or Wikimedia.

Ultimately, college internships aren’t about getting a name on your résumé, they are about breaking into an industry you love and stacking the odds in your favor that you will land a rock star job- or into a rock star start up- right out of college. Over 70% of college interns are offered full-time jobs after completing their summer internships. Be sure to check out their free résumé templates, cover letter guides and interview advice too before you start applying.

Wondering how such a wonderful service for students can be offered for free?

While InternMatch currently works with over 350 universities, to match students with internship positions, the companies who offer the internships pay anywhere from $129 per posting to over $949 a year for more.

At this time InternMatch is only for college students.  So if you are a career changer or high school student, check out their free internship seeker resources.

Great resource. Great business idea too. Long overdue. Click here to learn how they built their business and how much money they have raised and by whom.


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