How do we change how we perceive the world?

dreamstime_2907801An important part of acting more entrepreneurial lies in our perceptions of ourselves and our world. To expand our thinking to include more “possibilites” requires that we find ways to break through the barriers we set up in our minds that do not allow for a world of new ideas to emerge.

You see our mind constructs perception “road maps” based on sensory information it receives. Those road maps materialize like stories, inside our heads, convincing us that we see the world correctly, know the right ” answer” and therefore know what we should or should not be doing or feeling.

dreamstime_6026115The way our minds build our perception ” road maps” begins through our five senses. Our brains takes whatever our senses experience and processes the information it receives and strings it together like a story, a predetermined outcome, or “mapped” perception of how it interpreted what it sensed.

By realizing that in essence our mind is inventing our perceptions and the stories we tell ourselves, purely based on the way it interpreted sensory data, we immediately have a new opportunity to focus on inventing new experiences for our minds to first sense and then map through new stories that can be the foundation of new perceptions. While it might be a bit disconcerting to realize that your mind has simply “invented” its perception, it also offers up endless possibilities of what your future might hold by realizing how your mind is contributing to the limitations in your own thinking.

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“Vowels are to words what creativity is to the world~ basic and necessary.”

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