Scaling Impact as a Social Entrepreneur Means Becoming Profitable First.

In the world of social enterprise, profit cannot be a dirty word. A Social enterprise must be financially viable to create social value to those they want to serve. Linda Rottenberg and Rhett Morris, in a recent Harvard Business Review article, make the case why the scalability of social ventures requires putting financial results ahead of social impact- at least at first.

Without a doubt, entrepreneurs who lead social enterprises have to make difficult tradeoffs between social and financial goals, and the approach they use to make this tradeoff is often critical to determining the degree to which their company can grow and how quickly they can scale impact.  While it may sound counter-intuitive, the data shows that those who prioritized financial goals over social ones are more likely to grow their social enterprises and achieve greater impact in the long run. Worthy article with 2 great case studies and some really interesting data.

Image credit: economicchange.co.uk

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