Happy 8th Birthday ETA!

ETA 8 pngToday Entrepreneur the Arts turns 8 years old. With now over 16,000 hours of time invested into this project, for those of you who have been reading the blog since it started, you know that this has been a journey of love, devotion, persistence and believing in oneself.

While the world focuses on bringing products to market for often the sole motivation of how quickly they can make money and then be sold for a large profit, this project has been about investing into the design and development of innovative common core educational curriculum for creative individuals to thrive. ETA was conceived as an educational platform for creatives to be able to join hands, from around the world, and learn how to become recognized entrepreneurs, leaders and valued participants in interdisciplinary start-up teams. No easy undertaking in a world that struggles to recognize the value of developing creativity to restore human ingenuity for economic productivity; as we as a people become increasingly less creative.

And as we enter our 8th year of existence, Dear Reader, ETA’s future is brighter than ever. This indeed will be the year we finalize partnerships with other universities in the USA and begin to build the technological platform needed to make our online education soar into a big world of real possibilities-into infinity. It’s no wonder it is happening this year. The year we turn 8.


Happy Birthday Entrepreneur the Arts!!

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my father, Theodore C. Argiris. His dedication, devotion and belief in himself, and what he could achieve, made me the woman I am. I miss you daddy.

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