Become More Entrepreneurial in Your Thinking in 2014: 6 New Ideas for You

2014To improve your entrepreneurial abilities you have to improve your thinking abilities. Your thinking needs to become more flexible. You need to be able ‘see’ through your 5 senses. Your mind needs to be able to interpret information, about any subject matter, from different perspectives simultaneously.

To accomplish this you need to interact with other human beings, as well as more deeply with yourself, to increase this kind of thinking.

Here are 6 entrepreneurial mindset building ideas for you to help you achieve the biggest shifts in your thinking, increase your entrepreneurial abilities and bring more opportunities towards you in 2014.

To every fresh new idea inside of you, waiting to be born in 2014, and to your ability to realize your dreams!

~lisa canning, EntrepreneurTheArts


1. Find Your Ecosystem in 2014.

Like mushrooms- if you are part of a thriving ecosystem- you will be hard to kill and so will your ideas. Remember: survival (of the idea) always comes first. Nothing can happen or grow if your idea dies.

And the best part of it all is that the concept of cellular networks can be found in biology. When living cells (you) join together (we) and become an ecosystems (us) we are super resilient and hardy. So take a minute and start 2014 by understanding the biology of cellular networks. Written by Lance Brett Hall, for the ETA blog, his article explains the logic and biology well.

Now use this new knowledge to your advantage to find the perfect cellular network- ecosystem- to help your ideas survive, then begin to thrive and FINALLY- at last-bloom.


2. Read More Deeply.

What exactly is it that someone is communicating through their writing?  Search to deepen the meaning of what you do read.  For example, I looked up the word cellular to be able to think more deeply about what a cellular network means.

Search Results

adjective: cellular
of, relating to, or consisting of living cells.
“cellular proliferation”
denoting or relating to a mobile telephone system that uses a number of short-range radio stations to cover the area that it serves, the signal being automatically switched from one station to another as the user travels about.
(of a fabric item, such as a blanket or vest) knitted so as to form holes or hollows that trap air and provide extra insulation.
consisting of small compartments or rooms.
“cellular accommodations”
mid 18th cent.: from French cellulaire, from modern Latin cellularis, from cellula ‘little chamber,’ diminutive of cella .
definition via google

When I first thought about the word ecosystem and what it meant I thought simply ‘a connected network.’  But by looking up the definition to the word cellular I now think of it as something that will 1. fill me with life- something life proliferating- 2. that I can take with me anywhere I go- like the cell towers it automatically gives me a new assured connection  3. it is something that will insulate me and logically, at least to me, it is 4. comprised of small compartments.  You don’t interact with a network all at once. You interact with it in small parts and pieces at a time, but collectively it is one big stranded ecosystem. Surprisingly, the entire definition brought new meaning to me.

Looking up words truly will help you think differently and more deeply about what you are interested in.


3. Run On Clean Fuel.

Food is the gas your ‘thinking machine’ runs on. And YOU have the laboratory to make up the recipe for your best mind ever in 2014. Take a look at making your eating clean through your creativity in 2014. 80% of you will improve even if you remain a coach potato; which might motivate the other 20% to get moving.  Check out these websites to get creative with food.





4. Attend one mind blowing ‘happening’ this year.

It could be Burning Man which will be Aug 25-Sept 1st 2014.  Or if you want to get going sooner to jump start your entrepreneurial thinking, check out The Global Innovation Summit Feb 17-21.  Both will be mind blowing happenings- and firsts- for me in 2014.

What Is Burning Man? Once a year, tens of thousands of participants gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, having left no trace whatsoever. Burning Man is also an ever-expanding year-round culture based on the Ten Principles.

What is The Global Innovation Summit About? The Global Innovation Summit is about building creative networks all over the world. Networks that bring new innovations to life and fuel economies and build communities. There is still time to apply and become a part of this amazing high speed cellular network.

5. Try Something New.

Stretch yourself this year out of your comfort zone. Try getting involved somewhere brand spanking new to you. Entrepreneurial incubators and shared working spaces are popping up everywhere. There are also some blends of the two appearing- some innovations to that trending theme, like IAEOU in Chicago, Illinois or the new Generator in Reno, Nevada.


6. Build Your Intuition.

Increasing your self awareness is key to increasing your intuition. The essence of who you are lights up the road for your intuition to steer your life in the direction it needs to go.

Intuition is seeing with the soul.~ Dean Koontz


So how do you deepen the essence of who you are to see more clearly through your soul?

There are many ways to improve your intuition but one of them is through Zen.

Arising as Chan in China in the 6th century (introduced by Bodhidharma), it divided into two schools, the Southern school, which believed in sudden enlightenment, and the Northern school, which believed in gradual enlightenment. By the 8th century only the Northern school survived.

Zen developed fully in Japan by the 12th century and had a significant following in the West by the later 20th century. Zen teaches that the potential to achieve enlightenment is inherent in everyone but lies dormant because of ignorance. It is best awakened not by the study of scripture, the practice of good deeds, rites and ceremonies, or worship of images, but by breaking through the boundaries of mundane logical thought.

Here is a list of mundane logical thought that will lead to a state of Zen- or the beginning of improving your intuition.


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